Vegetable Picking


The kitchen garden in Colorado is unique. We can have warm and delightful weather one day and below freezing temperatures and snow the next. Planning for hailstorms is a common occurrence which means we need to think about more than just the plants and the soil. In addition to this, our soils can be harsh (easily compacted clays, nutrient lacking decomposed granite, high pH etc.) for vegetable crops that evolved in non-desert conditions. Planning for altitude, intense sun, persistent wind, and hungry wildlife requires careful consideration.


Our season isn't like everywhere else. Our soil isn't like everywhere else. And our humidity is...well...lacking. A successful garden requires that we adapt to our environment and take care when planning our vegetable garden.

Growing a super productive vegetable garden in Denver is absolutely possible, but you can't just throw some seeds and plants in the dirt and hope for the best. 

That's where we come in. 

Success happens in the Denver kitchen garden when the setup and timing is right. We know a thing or two about that. Clark & Barker has been sharing our Denver Kitchen Garden system with clients along the Front Range since 2020. As we continue to design, install, and tend these gardens, we continue to get better at it. We want you to get better at it too. Our goal is to remove the guesswork from your Denver kitchen garden. The first step to doing that is by helping you understand the timing. In fact, let's do that right now.




Once you understand the timing, you are well on the path to success in creating your own Denver kitchen garden.

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