Here at Clark & Barker, we are all gardeners. We harvest delicious food from our own gardens every year, and leave a trail of gardens in the homes we inhabit. Through our own experience, we’ve learned how to avoid overwhelm and enjoy the garden as an everyday part of life.


Our Denver Kitchen Garden system is founded in formal training through university coursework, the Certified Colorado Gardener course, and countless garden club meetings and nursery workshops. We have adapted this training based on our own experience of learning what does and doesn't work in gardens along the Front Range.


Let us pass that knowledge on to you!

We don't just design kitchen gardens, we help you become a confident gardener.

We believe that the kitchen garden is transformative. For you, for your family, for your community, and for the planet.

Whether a small herb garden or a formal potager, tending to our garden prompts us to pause and reflect. Teh garden expands our understanding of the world around us, and reminds us to tend to ourselves, our community, and our environment. It grounds us, nourishes us, and enlivens our spaces, allowing us to connect with the natural world in our everyday experience.  

The kitchen garden enriches our lives and we believe that experience should be accessible to all. 

Whether you're seeking coaching, a design, or an installation, let us help you grow with confidence and thrive alongside the raised bed kitchen garden of your dreams. 

We'd love to add you to our list of clients and help you grow your dream kitchen garden...


Caitlyn Clark


Owner and Founder 

Hey, there! I'm Caity.

My family taught me to garden. My grandmother's family housed and fed traveling farmhands during the Great Depression, sharing whatever produce they could with those who depended on their orchards. When the government acquistioned their land for national defense projects during World War II, my grandparents married and moved to the suburbs. There, they planted apples and apricots, vegetables and herbs, preserving and sharing their harvest with neighbors. My parents continued this tradition, and I still note the beginnings of summer by when the rhubarb ripens and my mom sends me fresh jam. To me, gardening has always been about caring for others.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, where the weather is mild and wet, wild herbs, berries, and flowers grow on their own, watering is only required in the hottest weeks of the year, and pollinators abound. When I moved to Colorado, I learned quickly that gardening here would be different. My first summer here, I scorched my peas and wilted my lettuce. My rosemary was demolished in a freak snowstorm in May, and my squash leaves were shotholed with hail in July. Daily weather whiplash left me confused about when to plant what.

That winter, filled with the kind of determination that only comes from miserable failure, I dove into gardening classes offered through Colorado State University's Extension Service, local nurseries, and national gardening courses. I swapped garden strategies with gardeners across the U.S. and devoured the local know-how for gardening in Colorado. In 2020, I launched Clark & Barker - a kitchen garden company that empowers and enables others to become gardeners, and helps design, install, and maintain kitchen gardens throughout the Front Range. ​Thank you for being here, and I look forward to helping you realize your kitchen garden dreams.